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A bit about me.  I was a successful Real Estate Agent for over a decade working in a small town near Santa Barbara.  With the downturn in the economy and the crises in the real estate market I was forced to find a new career path.  I joined a great company and had two successful years as an Opthalmic Sales Rep, in Los Angeles, until the company downsized its entire sales force.  With the Real Estate market still floundering, I have been seeking out a new career.  Now I should say that I feel very fortunate to have found another job to pay the bills, but its not in sales, and certainly not nearly as lucrative, challenging or exciting as a working in sales and marketing.  One of the main reasons I enjoyed being a sales rep was meeting new people everyday, the thrill of landing the next big sale and financial rewards that come with hard work.


This brings me to the reason why I've written this blog.  I have four close friends who are either Pharmaceutical Sales Reps or Medical Device Reps. All have said I would be fantastic in either industry as I have the drive, desire and talent needed to be successful.  After hearing them out I decided to do some research into breaking into either field.  It has not been an easy process as it seems most companies are looking for seasoned experienced reps or salespeople who have b2b experience.  After submitting my resume to, and a few other sites I was sent an email by the NAPRx.  This email stated very clearly that "The NAPRx® is widely known for its CNPR® Certification Program which provides vocational education for individuals looking to enter a pharmaceutical sales career".  They say they are even accredited!  "Students can take the course directly through the NAPRx® by correspondence/online or it is also offered through over 300 colleges and universities(schools include: Ohio State University, University of Texas, Rutgers University, University of Mississippi, Indiana University, University of Colorado, plus hundreds more!!)"  It seemed to make sense.  I signed up, for free, to receive more information and proceeded to call a my friends for advice on which program to take.


The programs they offer range from under $69 to $329 depending on how many options you wanted.  I wasn't sure if I really needed the priciest option so I reached out to my friends for advice.  The were unanmous in their opinions....none had ever heard of the NAPRx and all said that you don't need certification to become a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep or a Medical Device Rep.  I decided not to pay for the certification, but have been bombarded, daily, with emails from the NAPR saying that they have "Hundreds" of positions that need to be filled immediately and they you need to be certified before you can apply!  This just seems very fishy!  


I have tried to break into the industry for the last two months with no success.  After sending out over a hundred resumes I either get no response back or I receive e-mails stating I am just not qualified for the position.  I have had one telephone interview with Lilly.  Afterwards I received an email from Lilly letting me know that they are looking for a more qualified and seasoned rep.  


So my big question is ... how does one break into the industry with no prior experience and is the NAPRx a scam or a legitimate source to become educated and qualified to break into the business?  Are there jobs available?  I would sincerely appreciate any helpful advice.  I am willing to train, relocate or do whatever it takes to have a long successful career, but I don't want to waste time and $350 on a certification that I don't need!  






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Comment by Linda Hertz on February 1, 2012 at 8:26am

Hello to the Members on this string...I became more distressed over this company after thinking about what happened yesterday morning with the owner or representative of NAPRX applying as different people and trying to degrade our Members and misrepresent himself with fake names, email address and profiles while attacking one of our Members.  Needless to say it is a coward who hides their identity and then pulls out the sword!  After sleeping on it I removed their Membership (They could read profiles and etc. of our Members and one Member called me extremely upset yesterday wanting to have their comments left there, because it does profile the company for what it is, but wanted their Membership to be removed).  In short, this is not a Cafe Pharma Group  as our Members know!

So that said, I removed their Membership fully but copied their multiple NAPRX's responses below...interesting after reviewing the comments; you can see that this first comment from a bogus Bazzel Brown also refers to himself as Brad Sullivan the owner (whoops!  He Forgot that he signed in under a bogus name) this is the first email yesterday that started the second page string):

"Comment by Bazzel Brown yesterday

Delete Comment

Well hello Mr. Lonnie Mintz and let me introduce myself to you, Brad Sullivan with the NAPRx.    I just checked our student records for the last 10 years and we have no students with the last name Mintz.   Why would this be if you claim you were a student.   My phone number is (Deleted by the LH Group upon request from Members) and would love to here from to see if you are real, but I can guarantee that you are not.    I welcome calls from any of our students who take the CNPR at over 300 universities (who by way love offering our course to their students).   I would love to get the email from Linda Hertz from this so called student Lonnie Mintz.   Why would he not be in our student records?   Can I give you my opinion!!!!! 

We had a rash of negative hoax posts from fake students by a company called NSG in 2011 and 2010.   They in fact are out of business because of these kind of practices.  If you want more information on this NSG company (by the way based in Santa Barbara where Lonnie Mintz says he also lives)  go to this link:

It is very said that people would go to this level of practices to defame the largest trade association in the U.S. of pharmaceutical sales reps, who not only provide training for over 300 major universities but also provides important lobbying for reps at the state and federal level.  If you are reading this blog I would love to hear from you, Brad Sullivan and I would also love to hear from Linda Hertz."

Some more comments came in after that first post by our Group and Lonnie removed one from Bazzel/Brad whoever and whatever that we will leave removed..let's just leave it at that!  Then we had a second I assume "fake" person and probably the same person try to defend the fake Bazzel Brown (who already slipped that he was a Brad Sullivan). So as you read can see what this company does..they impersonate and make multiple people up on websites to comment and either degrade those that comment against them..or to pump up the number of happy users. Here was the final comment I allowed before I shut off their ability to comment.

Comment by Miguel Pulecio 22 hours ago

Delete Comment

Hello, I work with both Bazzel and Brad.

Firstly Linda, you did not accept Brad Sullivan's membership.  He informed me of that.

Secondly, you deleted Bazzel's account, he would like to know why.

Third.  Please dont delete mine.  I like the information, as well as the oppurtunity to defend my company.

Thank you. Have a good day.

I am so happy that finally this site and our Group Members have caught them in the type of tactics they promote to help sustain their business model.  Have people been placed after getting their Certificate?  Perhaps...but it would be hard to identify those that are "real people" from their made up bogus ones trying to pump up their business on some of the public websites out there.  You can decide..or call the owner Bazzel..Brad..Miguel........Now watch what they do next....they will pelt me..or Elizabeth or both of us on public sites (they did it to me 2 years ago).   Stay tuned..thanks Group...I am happy we have privatized our Membership last year!  

Comment by Linda Hertz on January 31, 2012 at 11:34am

Hello Elizabeth..thank you, you are being very brave.  I had no idea this has gone so far...really TERRIBLE!  Fake Postings..suspected to lure people to get the Certifications?  I see one comment went away that was posted from the other side; I did freeze their comment activity..because I left all the links they placed in this string and everyone..make up your own minds!  Once someone speaks out against this will probably see high activity on other websites..against those making the comments against their company..very much in the same vein as you saw what happened with Lonnie today.  So that said I appreciate Lonnie who was brave enough to put out this post and was asking for advice...and Elizabeth who stands by her name and reputation...and is who she says she is..this is why I created this site and so happy we have a nice active group of Members who are within it to better members careers and not allow people to spam us to death about their company...or attack our Members.  I want this site to be a true resource for people who identify who they are if they are going to promote a service...not after they are caught.  Bravo!

Comment by Elizabeth Danford on January 31, 2012 at 10:33am

Linda, I am so happy you have touched on this issue in such a candid format.  The feedback Lonnie received from his friends is accurate and I see first hand that people are hired everyday with no experience and no certifications.  I also coach high level hiring managers and not one has ever heard of the NAPRx program.  I recently did some research based on e-mails that were forwarded to me from candidates I am coaching.  The situation was the same with at least three people.  They responded to a job posting by a recruiter for an "entry level pharmaceutical sales position".  Upon submitting their resume, they received e-mails from a recruiter (supposedly not connected to the NAPRx program) telling them they are an excellent candidate and would like to forward but need additional information.  They included several questions for the candidate to provide.  They also requested their CNPR certification #.  In each case, the recruiter sent a note back saying that without proof of medical education they could not move forward.  She suggested the NAPRx program or AIMS (which is now Medical Sales College and completely different, but a much more expensive option) and told them once they showed they were enrolled she would submit them to the client.  At no point did she ever request a conversation or offer contact information.  Linda - how many recruiters will submit a candidate that they have never spoken to?  In each of the three e-mail threads, they are sent from different recruiters and are exactly the same content.  In one case the candidate had over 15 years of pharmaceutical sales experience and was told he wasn't qualified because he did not have the proper training.

I then reviewed the jobs posted on the website which had certifications listed as part of the job requirements.  I compared those jobs to the actual company postings.  I found that in almost every case the company posted had been copied completely and then the line about requiring certifications added to the NAPRx posting.  I also found that if a company posted a job for one city, they would take that same posting and replicate it for 30 or 40 cities that were not listed by the actual company.  


Comment by Lonnie Mintz on January 31, 2012 at 9:57am

To Mr. Brown, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Pulecio,

First, I want to state that I do not know Mr. Brown, Mr. Sullivan or Mr. Pulecio.  I have never spoken with nor corresponded with any of them before.  After reading the posted comments I am very insulted, and offended, about what they have posted in my blog.  If any of them had actually taken the time to read my entire post they would have noticed that I never wrote, claimed or stated that I was a current or past student with the NAPRx. I posted this blog to garner additional knowledge regarding the NAPRx, and the programs it offers, to determine if signing up for their program would be a benefit to someone like myself looking to break into the Medical Device or Pharmaceutical fields.  

In contrast, I have personally spoken with Linda Hertz, on many occasions, and have found her to be honest, straightforward and a person of the upmost integrity.  She has taken the time to get to know me both professionally and personally.  I have also personally spoken with Elizabeth Danford who I respect for her honesty and integrity.  

If the NAPRx website is receiving negative publicity it is certainly not my fault.  Again, I posted this blog to acquire additional information, and insight, on entering into a new career field.  Instead of pointing blame at someone you have never spoken with perhaps you should look at the facts more closely and consider how you are representing yourselves and the company you work for.  

I am still very interested in pursuing career in Pharmaceutical or Medical Device fields as a Marketing or Sales Representative and would appreciate any additional advice and guidance on how to break into these fields.


Lonnie Mintz

Comment by Linda Hertz on January 31, 2012 at 9:16am

Miguel..I see you joined under false pretenses as well last night calling yourself a college student and not identifying yourself..what is with you and your company?  I don't get it and our Group does not need this type of activity or Member(s) yes, I have left you in the well as..the other person without a voice..we don't need your voice here..and I don't appreciate what you do to others in the industry when we are up front about who we place in the industry and what we value on a resume and your firms name is not one of them; it is just the way it is.  You may have some large pharma that values your have them write for you on your own website and identify themselves and link to their profile on Linkedin... Finally I see person identified who he was AFTER all this activity this morning...please move on to another site...this is for those in the industry who want people to be up front when they join here and identify who they are..

Comment by Linda Hertz on January 31, 2012 at 8:41am

I would like to add one more comment to the other Members of this Group..Bazzel Brown entered our Group by misrepresenting himself as a Pharma Rep with a BazzleBrown Gmail account..not their own email address.  This is what we are talking about here..Do you want to spend your money with this company? 

Comment by Linda Hertz on January 31, 2012 at 8:30am

I think it is important for the Members of this Group to read Bazzel Brown's comments and the way it is delivered.  This is typical of this company if you write any type of public comments about this firm.  I would also like the Group to take notice that a Bazzel Brown cannot be found on Linkedin...a person who promotes this company cannot be found on Linkedin e'm...?


So please take note and also read the others comments who PLACE people, Hire People and Coach people to jobs and DO NOT work for this company.  Thanks Bazzel...or whatever your real name is..we needed this display on Lonnie's blog...

Comment by Ellyse Lamon on March 28, 2011 at 11:41am
I know this scam company. It is a huge ripoff. Before I started 5 years ago I signed up and paid 120 dollars to get the book, cd, and test for the certifications. The "jobs" the told me about were few and far between and rarely got me anywhere when I applied on there site. I had the certification on my resume for a long time before a recruiter finally told me that I should take it off as it was useless and no one knew what the companies process was to certify or cared. I wish I had this blog 5 years ago before I wasted my money. Go to the trade shows or the career fairs and make it known to the companies you are looking to intern with them for free until they see how serious you are about the company. Most likely they wont make you do this but it will get you an interview and put your resume in there hands.
Comment by Elizabeth Danford on March 21, 2011 at 7:53am

Linda - I do know that NAPRX post fake entry level listings all over the internet.  I had a friend test this by responding to one and she has also been contacted almost daily.  The jobs they send her are simply company postings they find and add their logo to.  I'm sure the companies do not realize that their web links are being used like that. 


For all B2B and experienced candidates, do keep your head down and stay focused.  Last week I had three B2B candidates accept medical sales positions and in each case it was because they managed to get their resume directly to a decision maker.  This was in addition to the eight candidates I had begin the medical sales interview process.  I'm sure you feel it as well, but the activity for job seekers is tremendous right now and all job seekers should be taking advantage of it!

Comment by Linda Hertz on March 20, 2011 at 11:06am

Thanks John...I will figure out a way to put that as a resource on the will be awhile due to the amount of my work load currently, but that is why the feedback on these blogs is so helpful...I can direct the content to the specific needs of the Members. 



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