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Learn How to Bridge Your Resume to Clean Up Job Gaps or Too Many Job Hops!

A concept I teach to my career consults is how to "clean up" a career that has:

  • Experienced too many job hops (either self-inflicted or those due to job eliminations or even downsizing's).
  • 6 months of current unemployment.
  • Repeated job gaps throughout the resume.

I call the technique
"Bridging Your Resume", in other words, go back into your past; look at that second page of your resume (if you have had more than 2 jobs in the past 5 years, then look at the first page too!) and see where you may want to GO BACK to a former employer (hiring company) and look for a way to get re-hired.

You may be saying, "WHAT?  Go back to something I left in the first place?"  Yes, that is what I am saying and let me tell you why.

If you have been unemployed for awhile or your resume is looking like you are a serial job hopper then your resume is certainly reflecting it and 
you need a way to re-direct your career and resume by building a bridge over a job gap by going backwards, yes backwards by trying to get a former company (best) or former manager to hire you back to work for them.
It speaks volumes to a company when they see a FORMER company or FORMER hiring manager who thought you were so good that they hired you back. That is the point of creating a Bridge of Continuity within your resume, it strengthens the resume and gives you a solid story in the interview if you ever had to search for another (bite my tongue) job again. To make this bridging work, you must be committed to staying at the job for at least 3 years and PERFORM, yes bust your butt and hit the sales numbers or whatever measurable performance markers you are supposed to hit.  You have been given a second lease on your career life and you must make it work!

You may be thinking, my hiring company and manager would never hire me back, but you would be surprised that unless you REALLY STUNK or were a pain in the butt to your manager; they may be very open to hiring you back!  Now utilizing Linkedin you can find all your previous managers and employers, maybe it is even time to "bury the hatchet", ask for forgiveness and truly move on....or should I say, "move backwards to move forward!"

Does this technique work for everyone?  Not everyone, but you would be surprised at how many Career Consults I conduct and the number of those who successfully Bridge Their Resume back to employment and, most importantly, get their career (and resume) also back on a stronger path.  Who say's you can't go back?  It may never be exactly the same as before, but that could be a good thing too, after all it's better to build a bridge than to burn a bridge!  

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